Virtualization of Servers and Terminals

For a dynamically developing company the virtualization is on the most price suitable server and terminal conceptions. Virtual servers have a configurable power in a shared hardware environment, so if the server lacks power, processors or memory can be easily added by the means of virtual device, and after the restart a newly configured device can be used again.

Virtualization enables also to do very fast operations concerning backup and data recovery. Backup the whole content of one device can take only a few minutes and following recovery is done at the same speed, e. g. setting the right configuration the virtual environment is an ideal choice.

Using virtual terminals offers a brand new method of access to company data and applications. A virtual terminal is a full user device which user connects remotely by the means of internal net or VPN to. Nearly unlimited configurability of a virtual device enables to create an individual hardware configuration, e. g. a terminal can be set to a required power for demanding user applications.