Application Development

Vývoj aplikací

CAP-NET Development Team is a fast-growing developmental workplace specialized in creating optimum task solutions which no suitable applications exist for. We are capable to describe our clients in a comfortable way their needs and after that we suggest a reasonable solution including expected costs.

The necessary part of the development of client applications is the security of appropriate operating environment as well as the optimum availability including the adequate data security. The design solutions always include the offer of subsequent provision of operation, additional development and user support.

We have rich experience in the development of special solutions both for small and big companies. We coordinate the development of our delivered solutions with the internal development of infrastructure and application environment. We create data connections with already existing applications and company systems.

Software Security

Softwarové zabezpečení

A dynamic development of data communication in the form of the Internet connections as well as constantly expanding company and public wireless networks this all create more and more options for potential attacks of all internal systems and so abusing important data. The security of both remote access to corporate data and using own mobile device for internal communication have a major impact on the approach to data protection.

Therefore only a well-defined security policy can enable a complex and functional protection against negligent and intentional misuse of data. Our specialists are able to analyze thoroughly all security risks and create the right security concept which helps to define the rules for individual types of data communications. Following the approval of security policy we suggest the optimization of network infrastructure and the security of individual application environment.

The integral part of the security is the management of remote access by using the virtual encrypted networks which enables users to work safely from home or public Internet connections wherever you are. The combination of remote access and company network management enables to unify security principles while maintaining maximum data availability.

Electronic communication

Elektronická komunikace

E-mail is not currently the only synonym for electronic communication. Nowadays the voice or video communications in the real time are very common. Expensive telephone or GSM connections are often replaced by software solutions, which not only save a lot of money but also enable to share data simultaneously among more users.

We offer our own software communication solutions which can fully replace existing telephone exchanges. These software solutions enable to communicate both in the company or its branches and with cooperating companies. The part of your solutions is the system of security communications when it is possible to prevent from involuntary loss of important information from public networks.

We also provide the security of company e-mail communications including the settings of the selected way of security. E-mail communication always passes a virus checker and filter assessing whether it is spam or not. This greatly reduces the risk of a possible virus by not following the security user rules.

Licensing policy optimization

Optimalizace licenční politiky

Every software can be used only under a license agreement with a producer. In a company environment it is especially necessary to follow the license agreement very carefully not to damage company´s reputation causing unnecessary damages. License agreement is always tied at the right price which can represent a considerable sum in the final item of a company accounting. Therefore the licensing policy optimization is a necessary part or every company management.

We process regular user needs and requirements and suggest optimized solutions. We concentrate mainly on finding suitable applications and systems, which match identified needs and are economically advantageous. With the support of our development team we are able to find efficient platform solutions for every type of company.