Turnkey Installation

Are you running you business, creating your new branch or do not you have a capacity for creating your company ITC infrastructure? We will create the right solution for you when the purchase, installation, integration, its operation and support we will solve for you.

We are able to make a complete ITC operation of your company. We are capable to prepare variable suggestions of solutions from which you can choose the ideal option for you. We purchase a chosen technology, do the installation and running it as well as its further maintenance for a perfect operation. We have a large experience in ITC outsourcing services.

For creating the Turnkey Offer we need to know both your short and long-term plans. On this basement we will create the right conception of required services including time and financial schedule. The part of the suggestion is creating a conception for the further development, which can help you to work out your future plans for development.

We are capable to provide you with everything, for example public net connections, purchase and installation of hardware, configuration of voice and data services, security settings, backup, intranet for you branches and partners, cameras and camcorders etc.

In our services we also offer providing important using and administrative supports as well as teaching your employees and administrators to keep the full security of your data.