Instant Help

Are you in a situation which requires an immediate reaction? Do you need to find the right solution for you? We offer an easy form of a free consultation which will help you to decide what to do further.

At first we will need all the information about your problem and so now we will try to create an event summary of what happened before you problem.

At the beginning you should tell us what is your general idea about solving the problem. It means that you must inform us what kind of service you wish to get from us, e. g. hardware or software, repairing or replacing it etc. and in which order it should be done.

We must be also informed how the final solution should look according to your ideas and wishes, which will help us to choose the right possibility of a solution.

To sum it up, we always follow the time-tested plans, which consist of the following steps:

- We need to get from you the information about the problem

- After that we create the possible solutions and prepare a fast offer for you

- After choosing the right solution by you we begin to solve the problem

If you have all important information, you can contact us here.